Saturday, 14 February 2009

Happy Valentine's Dayy!

Happy Valentine's day Niki!
I was thinking for the magazine we should do like a Valentine's fashion article... Because I've got some good pictures we can use. If you like the ideas I'll put the pictures on here!

Friday, 13 February 2009

Finished so far...

So far I have managed to do...

The Cover (not completely finished yet)
The brand article
The Colour article
I have started my Demi
Teen Summer Sale
Women's Summer Sale
Babie's stand out from the crowd
Babie's Outfits one and two
Teen Formal
Teen nightwear

So left to do we have...

Teen casual
Womens casual
Womens nightwear
Womens formal
All the mens section
Another baby outfit
Taylor Swift article

Harriet Quit.

I know you already know, haha. But I felt the need to blog about it. Plus I'm extremely boorredd.
I dont know why she left, do you? I think its probably because she said that we were doing all the work. If she was that bothered why didnt she just... Do some of her own work for it!?
Anyway, it has really annoyed me because now we have to change all of our stuff. I think our name is better though, and we definately have more freedom. Lol.


Cover Preview

Ok, so I do know that it isn't finished. But do I care? No, lmao. It is our Demi and Taylor issue.